Garlic Shrimp

Don Pepe Steak House is reflective of romantic EspaƱa, the beautiful land of Don Quixote, conquistadors and Flamenco, and is well acquainted with the splendid cuisine of which Spaniards are justly proud. In the tradition of the established excellence of our homeland, we dedicate ourselves to offering only the most authentic Spanish meals, blending with these the aura to guarantee a memorable dining experience.

The Beauty and Grandeur of An Elegant Villa. Home Of the Best Prime Porter House and 2 to 6 lb. Live Lobsters, Shrimp in Garlic, 16 to 24 oz. Lobster Tails, Select Prime and Choice Meats, Rack of Lamb, Natural Veal, Chicken, Seafood and Fresh Fish Daily. Also Enjoy homemade Red or White Sangria with your meal, or choose from a collection of the world's finest wines from Pesquera and Vega Sicilia - Vintages renowned for their rich flavor and intense aromas.


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